What is The Founder Beat?

The Founder Beat is an online platform that publishes weekly features on York County entrepreneurs. We empower them by sharing their stories and help them succeed by connecting them to resources throughout the community.  

How often do you publish?

After our initial launch, we plan on publishing at least one new story each week, with new content coming out each Tuesday morning.

Who owns The Founder Beat?

The Founder Beat is a for-profit entity powered by Our York Media LLC, which is owned by Will and Rebecca Hanlon. Read why they started it here.

Who funds The Founder Beat?

The generosity of our Benefactors allows us to produce a set number of local stories at no cost to readers or the subjects. These Benefactors include:

York College of Pennsylvania
York County Economic Alliance
CGA Law Firm
Mayer Wealth Advisory
White Rose Leadership Institute

Beyond our Benefactors, The Founder Beat plans on generating revenue through limited display advertisements, branded content, event sponsorships, and services rendered through our in-house marketing agency, Our York Media.

Values and Editorial Guidelines

We hold ourselves accountable to our community. We need to earn the attention of our audience while maintaining the trust of our subjects and sponsors by consistently publishing mutually beneficial content.

Unlike legacy media companies, we directly work with our sources and sponsors to share the version of the story they want to tell (see editorial review/control sections below). Still, we’ll always strive to make sure what we publish is truthful and accurate, and we’ll always be transparent by labeling who’s paying us to publish branded content.

We share editorial review with people included in our stories. If someone is part of a story we publish, we want to make sure we’re correctly telling their part in it. The facts we publish about them must be accurate and the words we use to quote them shouldn’t be used out of context. We value their feedback and make any necessary edits agreed to by both parties.

We share editorial control with organizations that pay us to publish content. Organizations may work with us to decide who will be included in the piece and the overall messaging of the piece. The organization gets to review and request edits to the piece before it publishes. Any paid or sponsored piece must be labeled as such.

Our content needs to reflect our diverse community. It’s our responsibility and opportunity as a new media company to be deliberate in our effort to highlight the diversity of York County. Our Council of local community leaders will help guide our coverage so we honor that commitment.

We avoid political and divisive coverage. We don’t publish or accept money to publish stories about political candidates, divisive issues, or topics we’d rather stay away from.

Get in touch

Email us directly at info@thefounderbeat.com.