After closing her storefront in 2020, Claudia’s Artistry draws up comeback

Claudia Salazar is a self-taught artist whose work can be found on sneakers, t-shirts, leather jackets, and more. Her childhood trauma led her to create and find opportunities for healing.

Master Felicia is not playing: York woman kicks kids into shape with Tae Kwon Do

Dr. Felicia O. A. Dennis wields a fifth-degree black belt, holds a Ph.D. in theology, and will soon serve as a York City Councilwoman. As an entrepreneur, she’s using the lessons of Tae Kwon Do to change the lives of York students and their families.

Entrepreneur with two tech companies downtown asks, ‘Why not York?’

Kevin Cramer’s life sciences software company Sapio Sciences and sales and marketing tracking business Veloxity stand out in a city not necessarily known as a technology hub.

Rynn Caputo, co-founder of mission-driven cheese business, on what makes a good entrepreneur

Rynn Caputo, the co-founder of Caputo Brothers Creamery, has cried in her spilled milk. The pandemic has pushed the entrepreneur into more challenges than she could have anticipated, but her determination carries her forward.

Crafting a new life, contractor builds his American dream

Ulises Salinas has relied on patience – both in learning his craft and the ways of a new country – to help him grow his business.

Mom hopes soap business inspired by her kids leads them to take chances of their own

Cresha Drayden started making her own soaps years ago to help her children get through a skin condition. Today, she helps others feel their best at her Central Market York stand, Our Sons and Daughters.

Inch&Co builds a business that gives their employees and family a life to be proud of

Brothers John Jr. and Jeff spent their early years growing up in a trailer park, with four siblings to one bedroom. Their experience motivates them today.