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E-bike entrepreneurs keep on rolling, open second location in Lancaster County

E-bike entrepreneurs keep on rolling, open second location in Lancaster County

  • Capitalizing on the growing popularity of e-bikes, Let's Roll founders Tim Hill and Ryan Finger launched a second shop in Columbia.
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Pedaling through Pennsylvania’s idyllic countryside and historic downtowns is a breathtaking experience ― especially when riders hit those ubiquitous rolling hills.

For brothers-in-law Tim Hill and Ryan Finger, the answer to exploring all that the midstate has to offer without losing their breath came via e-bike.  

The entrepreneurial duo have transformed their love for electric bicycles into Let’s Roll, a thriving Lancaster-based sales and rental shop that recently opened a second location, in Columbia. They’re reshaping the way Central Pennsylvanians experience the pastime of bicycling. 

Touch, feel, fix 

Five years ago, Ryan’s father purchased his first e-bike.  

“Once we rode it, we realized it was awesome,” Tim recalls. 

Intrigued by the experience, Ryan and Tim followed suit and, days later, ordered their own e-bikes, joining the growing ranks of enthusiasts. Soon, their love for these machines led to the formation of an informal e-bike gang, whose members shared a passion but also a problem:  the lack of a local e-bike shop. 

“Everyone kind of had the same opinion,” Tim says. “We hated buying them online. There was nowhere to really go to get them worked on. We wanted to be able to touch, to feel, to talk to someone about it.” 

Their frustration with the limited options for purchasing and servicing e-bikes sparked an idea. Tim and Ryan recognized the need for a dedicated e-bike shop where customers could see, touch, test-ride, and rent various models and receive expert advice. This realization planted the seed for Let’s Roll. 

A passion project 

On May 6, 2022, the duo launched their first location in downtown Lancaster, the only dedicated e-bike shop in town. It boasts an impressive inventory with a wide range of brands, styles, and models and a certified mechanic on staff. While many e-bike retailers carry just a few models, Tim and Ryan made it their mission to provide customers with an extensive selection of e-bikes to suit every preference and budget. 

“This started as a passion project. I didn’t think it was going to grow as fast as it has,” Tim says. “Every morning I pinch myself that I get to ride e-bikes for a living.” 

A few months into operating the shop, Tim and Ryan were presented with an opportunity. A new building was going up in Columbia, right on the Northwest River Trail and a mere 5-miles from the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail. Were they interested?  

“We didn’t know if we were ready, but we jumped,” Tim says. “We’re not afraid to take risks.” 

In April, Let’s Roll Columbia opened its doors.  

‘As easy as riding a bike’ 

For Tim and Ryan, the most rewarding aspect of their journey has been the ability to leave their 9-to-5 jobs and work for themselves. Seeing Let’s Roll double in size in just 12 months has been a dream come true. With their sights set on continued growth, they plan to open a third shop, in Philadelphia, capitalizing on the city’s vibrant culture and numerous rail trails. 

But it’s not just about business expansion for these visionary entrepreneurs. Let’s Roll is partnering with local organizations to offer unique excursions and guided tours. From historical and food-themed journeys in Lancaster to team-building experiences in Columbia, Tim and Ryan are committed to providing unforgettable e-bike adventures for all ages and interests. 

“A lot of people are scared to get on and try,” Tim says, “but it’s not a moped or dirt bike. If you come out here and don’t like it, don’t ride again. But don’t have a notion that it’s going to be scary. It’s as easy as riding a bike.” 

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