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Need business funds? PeoplesBank launches new online application process

Need business funds? PeoplesBank launches new online application process

  • Expand your small business in 15 minutes.

Is your small business growing fast? Now, with the help of PeoplesBank, you can apply faster for the funds you need.

PeoplesBank recently launched a brand new application process for select business products that can be completed entirely online. This process is quick and simple and can be done from anywhere, on any device.

This new offering will allow for faster decisions and faster access to funds. With a sleek interface and smooth client experience, borrowers are able to check the status of their application, upload necessary documents, and communicate directly with members of their PeoplesBank team.

For over 158 years, PeoplesBank has been helping businesses throughout the region secure funding to grow and thrive. They also serve as financial mentors to help their clients make the best financial decisions for their unique situation.

To aid in this mission, they have created a Small Business Loan Assessment Tool that is available on their website to help businesses determine which product is right for them. By answering a few short questions, they are able to guide borrowers to the lending product that fits their specific goals and dreams.

One size does not fit all

“Our business is helping to grow businesses and we are dedicated to finding solutions for clients based on their individual needs,” says Amy Doll, SVP, Chief Commercial Banking & Lending Officer.

The knowledgeable relationship team at PeoplesBank is available to assist with small business financing needs and realizes the unique challenges that small business owners can face. With over 200 years of combined experience, the lending team at PeoplesBank provides smart solutions to meet the financial needs of their clients.

“It’s important to us that we support the founders of businesses because we understand the passion, drive, and grit it takes to start and run a successful business,” Doll says. “It’s not easy, but we are here to help them every step of the way.”

Their goal is that the new online small business loan application will help to streamline the process, which has historically been a laborious endeavor at any financial institution, so their borrowers can focus on getting back to business. 

Whether you’re trying to expand your business or are just getting started, PeoplesBank provides personalized attention and builds lifelong relationships with their clients.

Visit to complete the small business loan assessment tool and apply online today!