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Rolling billboard company presents unique mobile advertising opportunity 

Rolling billboard company presents unique mobile advertising opportunity 

  • Mid-Atlantic Media Hub’s Tom and Jamie Vranich recently launched Central Pennsylvania’s only locally owned LED mobile billboard truck operation, and PeoplesBank has been there to boost their business.

Cruising down the highway in York, Lancaster, or Harrisburg, you might see the region’s first locally owned LED mobile billboard truck passing by. That vehicle is a moving advertisement by the company See Me Rolling, an offshoot business of Tom and Jamie Vranich’s Mid-Atlantic Media Hub.  

Tom and Jamie have run one of the area’s premier advertising buying companies for nearly a decade. Their new office building on East Market Street in York underscores the changes in media and advertising through the years.  

Advertising outside the box 

An old paperback media buying and advertising guide sits on the conference table next to a pen cup made of cassette tapes. A vintage television stands in front of a shelf lined with antique media equipment. The world of advertising media constantly is evolving, and Tom and Jamie strive to evolve with it.  

That was the impetus behind launching See Me Rolling. In an ad-saturated world, the couple were looking for a new way to diversify their business and get more eyes on their clients’ messages. Their truck not only displays LED ads, it can project audio, play short and long-form video, and stream live sporting events.  

“Everybody that sees our truck doesn’t just look at it. They stare at it,” Tom says.  

The truck is a gasoline-electric hybrid, which helps cut carbon emissions, something that is important to Tom and Jamie. In 2019, the couple created a York County Community Foundation fund to help plant trees throughout the county to offset carbon pollution. They’re also pushing the billboard truck manufacturer to produce an electric model.  

See Me Rolling has one truck on the road that spends seven days each month in Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York. A second truck is to be delivered any day and a third by the end of 2023. But getting to this point has been an odyssey, one that PeoplesBank helped see the couple through.  

A partner when life doesn’t go as planned 

Throughout their Mid-Atlantic Media Hub career, Tom and Jamie have worked with PeoplesBank as a media client. But it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit that PeoplesBank became a true partner. As Tom struggled to secure a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) grant, he ran into frustration after frustration.  

In a moment of desperation, Tom reached out to a connection he had at PeoplesBank. Within 12 hours of applying for funding, his request was approved. Soon after, Tom and Jamie switched all their personal and business accounts to PeoplesBank and refinanced their home there.  

“They were fantastic,” Tom says.  

In January 2022, Tom and Jamie were ready to launch See Me Rolling. They put a deposit on their first truck and were told it should be delivered within six months. Six months turned to nine and still they had no truck.  

Tom and Jamie already had sold mobile billboard advertising to several customers who were itching to get started. The couple needed to get a truck on the road by October if they wanted to retain their clients.  

“Our business was going to fail before we started,” Tom says.  

Peace of mind

Desperate once again, they contacted a man in Florida who had a billboard truck from the same manufacturer. The couple agreed to lease the truck for three months and in September 2022, they flew to Florida and drove it to York, barely outrunning one of the strongest hurricanes in U.S. history.  

By December, as the lease was about to end, their truck on order still hadn’t been completed. They called the man in Florida, and he offered to sell them his truck. There was only one problem — all their funds were tied up in the truck still sitting on the factory floor.  

Tom once again reached out to PeoplesBank and shared his problem, along with a three-month business outlook. Could PeoplesBank finance the purchase of the used billboard truck?  

The response was swift. PeoplesBank would take care of it.  

“We went from being unsure to complete peace of mind because we knew we were handled properly,” Tom says.   

Diversifying their business 

With one truck financed, one in production, and a third soon to be ordered, Tom and Jamie knew they needed a place for See Me Rolling to set up shop. The couple had been working out of their home for years. They found the perfect property at 2209 E. Market St. in York and, with financing from PeoplesBank, launched their third business: Home Hub. 

Besides parking for their billboard trucks, Home Hub offers rentable office space for other companies. On May 17, the Buy Local Coalition will host a ribbon-cutting, grand opening, and network mixer at the new See Me Rolling and Mid-Atlantic Media Hub office.  

Knowing PeoplesBank has their backs, Tom and Jamie are excited for what the future holds as they continue to grow and diversify their businesses.  

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