Harrisburg tech CEO unlocks business potential with new AI platform 

Nearly Human founder and CEO Jamison Rotz finds artificial intelligence-driven solutions for companies seeking to automate complicated processes.

Harrisburg designer empowers women through fashion

Amma Johnson couples her love of art and fashion with her drive to strengthen women through her brand, AMMA JO.

Gamut Theatre Group founders celebrate 30th season

Melissa and Clark Nicholson brought together their love of theater 30 years ago to create a one-of-a-kind organization in Harrisburg.

Founder breaks with past to go ‘all-in’ on Harrisburg-based circuit board company

Dan Thau scaled Millennium Circuits Limited from a basement business into a multi-million dollar global company.

Harrisburg-area veteran creates an app of hope for those recovering from addiction

Sharina Johnson’s company is developing a tool that uses artificial intelligence to track emotional triggers and offer support to those in recovery.

Navy veteran takes holistic approach to coaching at his Harrisburg gym

Rogue Sol Training owner Austin Qualls defines an athlete not as someone who plays sports but as someone who has a goal they want to achieve and the drive to make it happen.